How to explode your sales with just a tap!

Use our TW3 Tap Card to give ebooks away!

One of the best ways to build rapport and authority in a market place is to give value away. Ebooks are a great way to give how to’s, advice, and instructions to people that are potential buyers in a market you serve.

How to give value to your market

In this short 2min webinar I show how I was able to load our TW3 Tapcard with an eBook that will give incredible value to potential customers who are in the market I call on.

What I show here can be done in any market like real estate, insurance, ministry, coaching, and affiliate marketing. The great thing is we even provide the writing and producing of your eBook!

That’s right! EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A WRITER we provide the ebook for you to give away. Right now we are working on ebooks for the insurance and real estate markets, but we are also creating ebooks for the solar energy and health and fitness markets as well.

This is all coming free of charge to our elite members here at TW3. So ask your TW3 rep today about becoming an ELITE MEMBER to gain access to some incredible new white-lable books we are offering for you to be able to program to a TW3 Tapcard.

This means with one tap or scan of a card you can give potential clients a free ebook that will provide them tremendous value, create rapport, and make you an authority in their market place. All done for you with the tap of your TW3 Tapcard

Join TW3 today and take your business to the next level!

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