How one person gave up, quit, and then succeeded in their business

So You think quitters can never win?


You’ve probably heard the old saying that, “quitters never win?” Heck I personally have preached it for the past 11 years while advocating entrepreneurialism. However I might have to change my tune…

I had a very kind email from a lady in San Diego, CA that just purchased my book, You Are Worth More. She wrote to tell me how much and what she was getting out of the book, but her last few paragraphs caught my attention. I thought I would share them with you.

Terry one thing I do want to challenge you on is your statement that the only way to win is never give up and quit. That has not been my experience, especially since starting your program. What your program has forced me to do through the instructions and more importantly the accountability is to quit and give up on several things.

  1. I’ve given up trying to do things my own way. I have always been a very strong, independent person. Following others instructions and advice is not something that just comes natural to me. I heard you say on a training once, before I got involved with your training that, people waist a lot of time, money, and heart ache by buying and investing in things they never use or follow. What good is a book if you read it but don’t do what it tells you to do? I have to admit, that was me. I had already bought several programs before and never found much success in any of them. So the first thing I quit was trying to do things my own way and trust that the training that I purchased, that has worked for several others, will work for me if I commit myself to it.
  2. I quit doubting myself. After reading your book I can see where my own self doubt and believing the worse about myself, my life, and others have been nothing but self defeating. I genuinely believe I am worth more. Thank you for investing yourself and story in me to help me see the value that I possess.
  3. I quit fearing failure. Your chapter 4 and 17 really opened my eyes to how failure can be my best friend in business if I use it correctly. This was probably the greatest take away I had from the book. Thank you for that!

So I just wanted to give you my feedback on your book and tell you that quitting and giving up the right things can be the greatest thing a person could do for themselves. It definitely has been for me!

You Are Worth More

So there you have it folks! I stand corrected. You actually can quit and give up and still win. You just have to pick the right things to quit!

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One thought on “How one person gave up, quit, and then succeeded in their business

  1. Joni L.

    And your statement, ‘People will never pay you what you are worth.” I found that out early in life and decided I had no choice but to become an entrepreneur, the next decision was to choose to not fear. ‘FEAR NOT!’ is a mandate not a choice. I started reading all the self-help books in my teens; Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Zigler all the great ones… They taught the right message! Just as you are Terry, it’s what our society needs THE RIGHT MESSAGES BEING WRITTEN, TAUGHT YOU-TUBED, ETC. We have been ‘taught wrong’ for too long. Thank you for the book and your program… I love the platform, it all makes sense… I have been telling people for years now,…if you don’t have an online presence, you won’t be working very long…. We have become a global society and the beauty of the VIRTUAL OFFICE is loved by so many who dare to step out and take control of their lives.

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