How to get 100% of your email delivered and 70% opened

A clean email list is a profitable email list

We offer text, voice, and social media marketing in our suite of business tools here at TW3. However the most affordable, effective, and efficient one is still email. Why?

Email marketing is cheaper than any other form of mass marketing. It’s private and personal if done right, and it’s way more engaging.

With the TW3 CRM system you can auto-respond to clients who opt in to a form, you can send private one on one messages and track through your CRM, and you can send mass bulk email campaigns to your entire list. Our system also allow you to import other email list that you may have already established.

What if I want to cold market to a list?

With new regulations and security protocol’s that all major email carriers are adopting cold email marketing is very tricky. Yes you can do it with our system but it has to be done slowly, smartly, and strategically. 

While you might not be a spammer and have a legitimate business, offer, and list who has given permission to email to, that doesn’t mean that is how the email companies algorithms will first perceive you.

So how do you jump through all of their hoops and still get your message out to a mass audience that you’ve not called on before?

Keeping your list clean is the key. That doesn’t just mean buying a list of double opted in, filtered and scrubbed data. It also means sending out small amount of emails at first, getting opens, clicks, and responses with those, and then watching your metrics and suppressing any bounces. By keeping your bounce rate under 2% and by having the big email companies see your emails being opened, responded to, and clicked on you are training their algorithms.  

Email marketing really is the fable of the tortoise and the hair. So many new business owners and marketers are ready to hop along as fast as possible, but quickly get caught in the traps of spam traps.

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