How to Make $500 a Day Marketing Financial Products

I like marketing financial products like insurance, lending, credit repair, and products like those because the nature of the product itself provides a clue to who to market to. If you know the loan is for only people who make a certain amount, with a certain credit score, then it’s pretty obvious from that point on who to target.

In this short 10 min training I show how I and other TW3 ELT members are able to earn $500 per day or more with using similar techniques, products, and tools to generate a great stream of income without having to constantly be in sales mode.

If you have any questions feel free to post them below.


8 thoughts on “How to Make $500 a Day Marketing Financial Products

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Belinda – What you just saw illustrated is one of several tools available to our Plus & Elite Members. There are HOURS AND HOURS of video training and webinars illustrating our systems and software. To see some of them you can look through our video library at

      If you would like to get either our Plus or Elite Membership package you can see more information about them, and to get them at

      If you have a specific question feel free to post it here and I’ll be happy to answer.


  1. Lance

    Yes, but the problem is that most cell phone companies ( or at least mine) .IS that most smart phones are blocking recorded messages. With the massage scam likely when your number appears.How do you handle that situation?

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Lance –

      Great question! Yes you are right of you are using a dialer from a static ip location, and dialing bad data. Our dialer calls from a roving ip location, and only dials filtered scrubbed data. This insures we are not being flagged by the carriers a spammer and we only dialing numbers legally available to dial.

      Thanks for the question,

  2. Dionne

    Hey Terry
    I saw your video.
    I have been looking for something like this.
    I come from a twenty yr back ground in the mortgage industry, I would like to learn more.
    Terry again

  3. Teresa Steele

    Thank you kindly for the information. yes I am interested in this. What’s the next step?
    I would like to be a part of the Marketing blast as well. How much is the email marketing contact list? I just started business funding and I would like a lead list
    to start calling on some businesses. Also I have an AWESOME Merchant package


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