I’m a Goal Digger!

What is it that you are searching for? Is it health, wealth, happiness, or meaningful relationships? Whatever your goals are you have to tell yourself and those around you that you are a person of intention. There are plenty of goal robbers but it’s up to you to control the space, control the mood, and set the atmosphere.

One of the best ways you can keep yourself focused on what your objectives are is remind yourself daily you have an objective and be intentional about it.

I love shirts and wares like our, “I’m a Goal Digger!” It allows me to put others on notice that if they are wanting to be Negative Nancy then go somewhere else, and it helps to serve as reminder to me that I’m headed somewhere. Yes today may have had a traffic jam, delay, or even detours, but I’m dialed in with my navigation system and we will get to our final destination.

Pick one of these up today to remind you and everyone else that you are a Goal Digger!

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