10 Simple Ways to Improve and Keep a Positive Attitude – Episode 203

I know it is tempting to write anyone off when they begin to speak about a positive attitude. So much has been said about the topic and for some it rings hollow. A positive attitude is not an attempt to deny a challenging reality but a decision to put into perspective the good and the bad. In this training I give 10 simple ways to to improve and a keep a positive attitude.

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One thought on “10 Simple Ways to Improve and Keep a Positive Attitude – Episode 203

  1. Tanya Kay Post author


    You are precisely no more and no less than a Universal inspiration…….I thoroughly enjoyed communicating with you on the phone and appreciated the time you spent with me…….Between that telly communication and your series of Podcasts , I feel truly blessed…….I consider that I am actually in school and happy as a clam about it…….Thank you for having crossed my path and connecting up to me……

    Tanya Kay

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