7 keys to breaking away from the shiny object syndrome – Episode 205

7 keys to breaking away from the shiny object syndrome - Episode 205

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows easy and quick set up of a business with relatively low start up costs. The downside is you now have people with no idea of marketing or business trying to make money. That’s a recipe for disaster.

One common issue new people starting out online is distraction by “shiny objects”. Just like a real shiny object distracts the mind of a child off the task at hand, the Internet marketing “shiny object” distracts the would be entrepreneur from proper business foundations.

The problem with shiny objects is that they are not long term solutions. It would be great if you found a way to exploit Google’s algorithm… until they changed it. And then what? You are back to square one and you can start your “business” all over again.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all things we buy are shiny objects. My TW3 Platform ® has been something that has saved me countless hours and money because it’s ease of use, but it would be worthless if I didn’t know my market and how to effectively communicate with them and establish relationships with them.

7 Keys to growing healthy sustainable business and avoiding the shiny object syndrome

  1. It’s about the customer not the product
  2. You will not win by catering to the majority
  3. People want something new, even if it’s old
  4. People buy stories not things
  5. Answer the money question
  6. The money is in the list
  7. Create sustainable assets

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