Recruit Winners and Avoid the Whiners to Build Your Agency

Strategies to build a profitable business with the right people

Everyone wants to make what a successful entrepreneur makes. Let’s face it entrepreneurialism is the only career path where you can design a business that fits your skillsets, passions, and do it on your terms. There is no other path to time, money, and freedom than that of entrepreneurialism. EVERYONE KNOWS IT TOO! That’s why it’s so attractive and appealing to so many people and this leveraged and presented properly can help agency owners build a very lucrative business. However there is one caveat that any successful recruiter and agency owner will tell you. RECRUIT THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

There’s nothing that will drain more of your time, energy, and enjoyment than having a Larry the Loser, Debbie Downer, or Negative Nancy on your team. These mindsets will kill your productivity and profitability. Notice I said mindsets and not personality types. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Personality is based on the 4 major cognitive functions that a person operates the strongest within. These 4 dichotomies working in harmony with one another is what gives a person their unique personality. ANY PERSONALITY TYPE can be an entrepreneur. That doesn’t mean that any personality can do EVERY ACTIVITY the same, however the great thing about entrepreneurialism is a person can build the business around their uniqueness rather than trying to fit into another persons mold. Mindsets are what determines whether a person can be successful in the area of entrepreneurialism and really any other area as well.

A mindset is what people use to judge and set expectations on any particular situation. Have the right mindset and you can achieve any goal set before you. Have the wrong mindset and you’ll barely be able to achieve mediocrity regardless of your education, degree, experience, or skillset. Here are some strategies I use to try and vet for the best talent when recruiting for my agency.

3 Strategies to Recruit top Producers

  1. Place friction within the interview process – Before I’ll actually speak to a candidate for a position I have placed in front of them orientation material to watch, an application, and a survey to be fully filled out before I’ll take the time to have a conversation with them. If your opportunity is a viable one to help others improve their income, career, and life then you are doing the seeker a huge favor. People who do others favors don’t beg to do it. My attitude is I have something that has helped people before you and will help people after you, I’d like to do the same for you but I refuse to beg. If you want what I have then take the time to show your worthy of my time.
  2. Monetize your recruiting process – One of the best things I did for our agency was have a way to help others onboard with other job and business opportunities to be able to monetize the engagement. This allows me to really be more selective with who I spend much time with and be able to offer everyone value without feeling like I had to bring the candidate on to pay for the time.
  3. Clear Demand of Mindset Requirements – I am intentional about my mindset, what I expect of myself, and also of others. This mindset is one of excellence, personal responsibility, and the highest level of integrity. When I engage a new client, recruit, or team member there’s a terms of agreement that has to be signed off on 3 different times and then is verbally reinforced. This part here is usually what weeds out the get rich quick shoppers.

After 10 years of building insurance agencies, coaching agencies, lead generation agencies, and real estate agencies it come down to the same thing, people. People are what make the difference in any organization. Show me a very small group of high quality people and they’ll achieve 10x that of a large group of mediocre people will.

Recruit right and you grow right with sustained success and enjoyment.


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