Secrets to earning more income from home and online

Earning an income from home is incredibly rewarding and profitable. What it takes most people to accomplish with an 8 to 12 hour work day a person can do in 3-4 hours from home. Think about it!

  • No commuting time needed
  • No office distractions
  • No additional food, gas, and clothing expenses

Working from home also gives you the ability to design a business around what you like and are interested in. No longer do you have to do something simply for a paycheck, but can do something that you actually enjoy as well. The problem is it is a mystery to most on how to do something they enjoy from home and actually get paid for it.


One of the things I cover in my new book, You Are Worth More is how you can start putting a paycheck with your passion. I give you strategies on how you can literally do what you love and get paid for it. Get a free sample copy of it now!

worthmoreinstagramThere are some basic must haves in any home based business. Overlooking these must haves is what lands 98% of startups in the wannabe pile of people who tried and failed. After being an entrepreneur for over 25 years and seeing business fail and succeed there is definitely some basic ingredients to a successful business.

  1. Product – Every successful business offers a service, product, or benefit that sets them apart from the others. Many businesses fail out of the gate because it puts the business owner in the position as just one more re-seller, or provider. There is nothing wrong with being a re-seller of a brand that others carry, but what sets you apart. If you have no distinct value to offer then you are just one of many people who can provide the same product, good, or service. Make sure your unique brand and value is part of the product that you offer, otherwise you will get lost in the mix of thousands of other voices singing the same song.
  2. People – The reason so many people have come to is we are able to help them get in front of more people. Let’s face it, if you don’t have people who need, want, and can afford your product you don’t have a business. The reason 98% businesses fail is they don’t have enough buyers. Having a way to get in front of more people is imperative for the success of your business.
  3. Process – The only way to grow your business is have a way to scale your business that is not dependent upon what you alone can do. If you are the sole salesman, customer support, campaign coordinator, and business development office than you can only grow so much. One of the ways we have been able to scale our business is through automation. Having a system that will process hundreds of leads at a time has been paramount to seeing our business grow.

I did a webinar a few years back on how these 3 ingredients can grow your business exponentially and create a passive income for your business like now other. See video below.

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