Strategic connections can expedite personal independence

The 3 Quick Benefits a Strategic Connection Bring

Well it’s time to confess something that a few years ago I probably would’t have had the personal courage to admit. I’m a bit of a go in it alone type of person. Entrepreneurialism fits me for sure but growth can be a challenge with this personality type gone unchecked. God help anyone that would ever have the job of trying to manage me. I know me and I know what a pain I can be. lol

I think to be a successful entrepreneur you have to have a strong independent streak in you. HOWEVER here’s the problem. Without having the self awareness to see your need for other people and the personal courage to admit it, you’re on the slow track to no where. Growth comes from discovering new information, developing the skills and strategies to leverage that information, and building a means to monetize the newly developed skills and strategies.

The greatest investments I’ve ever made for my personal and professional life has been in building strategic connections with people in areas that have helped developed my growth.  As I’ve seen other entrepreneurs I’ve had the privilege of getting to know, watch, mentor, and follow I see one common thread in all the successful ones, strategic connections. A strategic connection is like having a partner in your business or journey that helps you achieve the objective or goal by helping supplement your weaknesses. Not partners that have stock in your business but a stake in its success. This is found of course in mastermind groups, business associations, and networking events. Having people who you choose to partner with can offer 3 immediate benefits to you and your business.

  1. New perspective
  2. New opportunities
  3. New resources

I believe these 3 immediate benefits are what has helped so many who have come to our annual You Are Worth More Conference find quicker success. When you have the ability to be around others that have similar goals, interest, and tools you can greatly benefit from their perspective, and past experiences. Many times the problems you are working through have been faced by others. Why not get their perspective on how they approached it and won?

Another great advantage of developing strategic connections with others is the opportunity of simply knowing them. You will find that they or someone they know might be a person you can help in the future and even maybe become a client of yours. The old adage that everyone in the world is only 3 degrees apart is so true. I have found that every person I meet in meet ups and events I can either help or they know someone I can help. One challenge that many work from home people have is just getting out of the home to meet people. Online training, podcast, webinars, and blogs are incredible tools, but can never replace the expansive value of face to face.

The biggest advantage however to me of meeting people and developing strategic connections with them is the resource they become to me. No matter where you are in your journey I can assure you there are others who have the answers, tools, training, experience, and other connections needed to help you right where you’re at. When you are a solo-preneur and working for yourself it is imperative you stay with others in similar industries or at least in fields that have similar challenges to yours. EVERY SINGLE tool and piece of technology I use today to scale and manage my business has come by way of knowing others and the immeasurable resource they have become to me.

If you want 2020 to be a break out year for you to experience all the things you are capable of then let me encourage come to the You Are Worth More Conference in Greenville, SC on March 19th – 21st. CLICK HERE for more info. You will find all 3 of these benefits in full operation.

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