The key to selling more homes is showing more homes

Many of my realtor clients that I work with are finding great success in showing more homes with our incentive package. The strategy is as old as the hills, but is tried, true, and works. The fact of the matter is to sell more homes, you have to show more. Naturally referrals, word of mouth, and consistent good business will build a lasting success in real estate, or any other business. However what do you do if you are just starting out, in a slump, or need to kick-start your activity?

What I have found that offering referral, and meeting incentives are always great. There are several incentives you can offer, but the key is to have as little tied up in the “gift”, but it have enough perceived value to grab the attention of the prospective referral. One marketing incentive I’ve used with great success is our 2 Night 3 Day vacation voucher. It offers a high perceived value, and cost the giver a minimum investment.










With this voucher the recipient receives:

  • 2 Night 3 Day Paid Hotel Stay
  • Over 300 locations within the US
  • 4-5 star locations
  • Pays for 2 Adults & 2 Children

The giver is able to:

  • Offer a high valued gift
  • Only pay $5 – $10 for
  • Able to gain referrals, appointments, and goodwill

So what’s the catch? No catch, but details that need to be understood by both the giver and receiver, but especially the giver.

  1. There are dates unavailable and blacked out. These are offered by participating 4 star hotels to keep their occupancy rate up during slow times
  2. The recipient is responsible for travel expenses & taxes on room
  3. The recipient must book in advance and put down a refundable deposit to hold room
  4. In some areas other taxes/fees may apply

Done right, using marketing incentives like this can explode your referral business, incentivize more showings, and having you standing out. If you are interest in offering this to your clients simply visit my agent store.









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