Effective campaigns motivate, captivate, and situate the audience

twpicWith all of the digital noise in the world today an effective campaign must have 3 elements to be successful. Forget what you’re pitching, what you are advocating, what industry you are in. Your message won’t be heard in the noisy rooms of social media, email, or traditional marketing if it doesn’t motivate, captivate, and situate.

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Let’s face it the world is depressed, stressed, and under duress. With all of the hyperbolic, over sensationalized, glossy pics and caption you have to cut through, but how? I have found myself drawn more and more to ads, content, and offers that motivate. I’m not just talking only to act, but actually motivate me to feel and feel good. Think about it, after being inundated with hyper politicized content on every corner, a message that inspires, entertains, and or encourages will cut through. Lifting another ones thoughts to their potential, possibilities, or promises of a better tomorrow will motivate one to act. In the marketing world that’s called engagement, and that is called the first step.


Once you have a persons attention the next challenge is to hold it, but how? Fortunately in todays world of technology this has become easier, but only if used wisely. With email software, auto response systems, and CMS software that is fine tuned to a specific audience, the art of capturing a prospects attention and keeping is now scalable. The science is in the tools, but the art is in the content. Knowing the audience, context of demo, and buying cycle can go far in keeping prospective clients attention captive.


Technology has allowed us to scale our marketing efforts very affordably, and effectively. The marketing process is easily automated with autoresponders, text/email blasters, auto dialers, and social media marketing, but the sales process is a little more difficult. For your campaign to be ultimately successful you must be able to properly balance the art of automation, and individual attention to realize the full potential of your marketing efforts. Sales automation is doable, and affordable, but must be done artfully or the campaign will have just created excitement and buzz, but no sale.












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