The laptop lifestyle of the digital entrepreneur

Top 3 reasons I love the digital business model

My whole life of doing business has been face to face, knee to knee, or on the phone in real time with the client. While I love the human connection and think any business model must maintain this connection, I love what the new digital model of business affords.

  1. Scalability – Unlike any other business when you have your marketing, prospecting, sales, and closing process automated through digital means you can scale like no other business.

  2. Flexibility – Right now I’m in Canon City CO in an RV with my family enjoying the sites, sounds, and culture of CO. While we are having a blast and spending a few dollars, money is coming in from a business that is on auto-pilot.

  3. Availability – No secret for those who listen to my podcast or read my blog. To do my job doesn’t require a special degree or experience. If you have a passion and internet access with a laptop you can put your business online.

There are lots of great businesses and things a person could do to help advance their career. However no other model I know allows you the freedom, income, and easy access as the digital online model.

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