This Canva hack is making my social media marketing SO MUCH EASIER!!

If time is money then consider this a raise!

As you know if you are a follower of me and TW3 here, we LOVE CANVA!! Ever since it came out a few years back I’ve been screaming how much easier, intuitive, powerful, and professional it is. I used to fight with Adobe’s Photoshop for years. However I’ve not found too many marketing features or graphic design features I’ve needed that Canva does not do and does it well.

Now Canva has automated Social Media Design!

In this brief illustration I show how you can use Ai along with Canva and the TW3 app to literally create a months worth of social media content in just minutes. Now think about the leverage this gives you not only as a marketer managing your own business, but as an agency that is handling other clients accounts?

Now the ability to create and publish content has become FULLY AUTOMATED. Not just the actually scheduled posting that has been around, but the actual content of image and text. THIS IS SUPER POWERFUL.

This means anyone and everyone should be able to manage their own social media marketing well and be able to provide it as a service for others too!

Connect with us today if you are ready to set your social media marketing efforts on fire to generate higher quantity and quality leads!

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