What to do when you feel stuck in your career & job – Webinar

Stay tuned at the end where a group of over 500 attendees ask questions regarding their best options of going to the next level in their job, and entrepreneurial journey.

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6 thoughts on “What to do when you feel stuck in your career & job – Webinar

  1. Michelle

    Hi I watched your webinar and I am interested in the $497 package. Just wanted to know if this package includes me being able to market the insurance quote out to people to make $19 per person who goes to that page and fills out the form to get a quote? Can you also tell me more about the other type offers like this one that we will be able to offer as well? Thank’s, Michelle Ellsworth

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Michelle

      The $497 package includes the RMP kit that will allow you to do the push marketing you referred. There’s several companies and verticals you can join with our RMP system. I would strongly urge you to upgrade to the $997 package to get the additional training and support you’ll want if you are joining primarily to do push & referral marketing. You can see what the packages include by clicking here.

  2. Nichol Turner

    Hi Terry!

    How realistic is it to have the financing paid off within a month for the $497 package? Do you have any testimonials about that?

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Nichol – All of my testimonials are here https://terrywilson3.com/wordpress/about-terry/testimonials/ I can’t make any guarantees, nor would I as everyones skill sets, temperaments, availability, and work experience is different. I can tell you many have found HUGE success, and even seen their first sell within a week. Others have taken a month or more, so I want to be clear it’s all over the map, but it is certainly realistic if you execute well our system, and strategies.

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