What tool(s) should I use to grow my business?

One of the most common questions I get when we have new members onboard and see all of the marketing tools we offer at TW3 is, “which tools should I use?” So to make it simple in the mind of my new clients who are starting their, or continue to grow their entrepreneurial journey is.

  1. Product – Get a very drilled down understanding of what you are selling
  2. People – Start to understand who your target audience is, their pain points, and how to build rapport with them
  3. Process – Start putting together a marketing strategy with our tools to reach and them and convert them.

Our tools are broken up into 3 categories

  1. Calling Tools – These are tools to engage your client and call on them so you don’t have to cold call. This includes tools like:
    1. Voice Broadcast Dialer
    2. Bulk Texter
    3. Bulk Email
    4. Blog Curator / SM / Ad Copy
  2. Capture Tools – These are tools that capture the clients critical info for you to be able to have permission to market to. These include tools like:
    1. Landing Pages
    2. Opt In Forms
    3. Call Center Ext
    4. Retargeting SM Pixels
  3. Conversion Tools – These are tools you use to convert your prospects into clients. These are tools like:
    1. Podcast
    2. Webinar
    3. AR Email
    4. OD Podcast/Webinars

Understanding how these tools work in concert with one another will help you build a success marketing strategy to monetize your engagements and drive up conversions.

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