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I heard a guy once complain that education cost too much to which another person responded, then try ignorance. I chuckle every time I think about that. I think that’s the great lie of apathy. I believe people become apathetic because they believe the lies that time spent meandering in mediocrity brings. Some of these lies are:

  1. It’s too risky emotionally, physically, or financially to pursue more
  2. I don’t have what it takes to go any further
  3. It’s safer to stay with the status quo
  4. I’ll be happier here

On Page 17 of my book “You Are Worth More” I wrote:

Once you have laid to rest all of the excuses and accepted the fact you are capable, equipped, and called to greatness, you will then discover that the universe makes way for you. Some will understand what I mean when I say all of creation is groaning for you to finally show up and show out. The time for backing up, stepping down, and shrinking back is over. You are a meaningful significant person created from and for greatness. You owe no one an apology, explanation, or excuse for your greatness. Most people, if allowed by you, will not permit you to believe and receive your greatness. That is why you need to know that you are neither made nor denied greatness based on the opinions and actions of others. No one can take from you what they did not give you. Your highest imperative is to manifest your full potential and this must be settled in you so that you can do any and all things that your inspiration draws you toward.

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