3 Time Tested Ways to Live in Abundance

How to live life with more than enough

Now let me say right up front there are seasons we all walk through personally and professionally that are lean either financially, emotionally, or spiritually. However if the norm is constant struggle, constant lack, and always coming up short to meet needs then we need to examine the game plan.

I like what I heard Zig say once when he said, “people don’t fail, plans do.” The problem many people have is they’ve failed so many times that they’ve adopted failure as their own persona. The hardest thing in the world sometimes is to simply get someone to believe that they truly can.

Here are 3 time tested ways that will create a lifestyle of margin and abundance.


A. You are worth more – Life can beat you up. If you don’t believe you’re worth more no one else will either. The way you think about yourself trains others how to treat you. Are you being overlooked for a raise or promotion? Do you struggle to get noticed in the market place? It’s not arrogance to have a healthy self respect and appreciation for the unique perspective, personality, and proficiencies you offer. If you don’t believe in you no one else with either. Living in abundance begins with living with a healthy level of self-respect. Download my book, “You Are Worth More” for free. Go to terrywilson3.com/worthmore

B. You are capable of more – Quit giving yourself excuses and self defeating rationale as to why you can’t. No one could run the 4 min mile until someone did it first. The same is true with you. You can do way more than you give yourself permission to achieve. The power of expectations will either define you or refine you. If you want more then expect more. Get a free training I did on expectations by clicking here.

C. You are ready for more – The problem with saying I’ll do it tomorrow is tomorrow never comes. There’s always something pressing that has to be done now other than pursue your dreams. If not now then when? If not this then what? Those questions posed at the intersection of decision have to be answered. You’ve heard won’t never will and can’t never could, but did you know maybe won’t stick around long enough to see if it’s possible. Get a resolve about you that you won’t quit until you win your highest ambitions.



A. From life giving places – Quit hanging around the areas that suck the life out of you. You’ll never live with margin either emotionally, spiritually, or financially as long as you frequent areas that do nothing but bring you down, beat you up, and hold you back. If you are the smartest person in the room then it’s time to change scenery. Make your residents both physically, emotionally, and spiritually in places that bring life, not take it.

B. From experienced people – Everyone has an opinion on a matter but few have dominion over it. I heard someone once joke to never ask dieting advice from a fat guy, financial advice from a broke guy, and marriage advice from a divorced guy. It doesn’t mean that people who have had past failures can’t offer value, but only if they’ve learned from the mistakes themselves and can now demonstrate in their own life dominion and not just an opinion in a given matter.

C. From proven plans – With technology constantly changing it is amazing how some things never change. Our way of connecting, communicating, and conducting business may have dramatically changed, but the aged old proven ways of creating wealth, value, and leverage are more relevant today than ever before. THE ONLY way to see your goals achieved is by leveraging these age old strategies and learning how to do it with the latest methods via technology that the market demands. As one famous church planter and consultant in the 90’s put it, “the message hasn’t changed, but the methods have to.”



A. Mastery over your mindset – The way you think will ultimately decide how far you go in life and what you experience along the way. The greatest shame you will ever see is a highly talented and capable person never achieve their full potential due to the negative mindset they’ve developed that ultimately created an attitude that kept them imprisoned to their own self-defeating misery. How many times have you seen a person with very limited abilities over achieve simply because of the enthusiasm, zeal, and positive outlook they had that became contagious to everyone around them. Give me an excited salesman over an educated salesman anytime. People often forget what you tell them but will always remember how you made them feel. An excited salesperson may not understand yet all of the nuances of their product, good, or service, but I guarantee you more people will hear their excitement over the details of the spec sheet anytime.

B. Mastery over your skillset – A person with the right mindset and has mastered their craft are then unstoppable. This person goes from participating to dominating in their zone of genius. Life, business, really everything becomes overwhelmingly fulfilling and a joy when you are in your area that you’ve mastered both the right mindset and the skillset. This is when the whole world takes notice and you become an unfair competitor to contend with. Work harder than anyone to master your craft while keeping the mental toughness to never quit and see abundance become the norm

2 thoughts on “3 Time Tested Ways to Live in Abundance

  1. Luis Rios

    Thanks Terry, I am so moved with positivity this morning after reading your email. I truly am going to change for the better and gt rid of the BS in my life.

    Luis R.

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