Episode 468 – From the Beginning with Valerie Willams

Episode 468 - From the Beginning with Valerie Willams

To understand how anything works, or how it brings value, solves problems, creates solutions, or functions you must go back to where, why, and who it was created by and for. If you’ve listened to my podcast at all you know I’ve said it many times and it’s the heartbeat of my book, You Are Worth More that, “You are not a cosmic accident. You are not here because lightning struck a mud puddle and crawled out billions of years later, but instead you are created by, with, and for the purposes of greatness.” Now I know in todays culture and society where we’ve opted for cynicism rather than faith and settled for the status quo instead of reaching for the possible that this just sounds like old fuddy duddy pap from yester-years, but let me say this. If believing that I can earn, enjoy, and experience more because of the greatness that was breathed into the soul of my being since the beginning of time makes me old school, then just write me off as one of the old timers! But I don’t believe I’m alone. As matter of fact I know I’m not.

Valerie Willians from tw3radio.com is with us tonight to offer a special training and you will want to stay tuned for that!

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