Episode 481 – 3 Optimizations in Business Wellness with Valerie Williams

Episode 481 - 3 Optimizations in Business Wellness with Valerie Williams

How would you like to optimize your business and its health? Well you are in luck! Tonight we have our resident wellness and health expert in the studio with us, tw3radio.com‘s own Valerie Williams. In segment 2 Valerie will be offering an incredible training on the 3 optimizations for business wellness you can do right now!

We also want to let you know that the time is now! If you’ve been thinking about coming to this years conference then nows the time. Next week on Tuesday Sept 7, we’ll have our 4th annual You Are Worth More conference in Greenville, SC. Tickets are available at terrywilson3.com ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. If you own tickets and have purchased the lunch package please confirm you are intending by clicking on the link in an email you were sent last week. If you did not receive that email please let us know at terrywilson3.com so we can resend.

Everyone that’s attending will be receiving the beta version of the new TW3 App that is scheduled to release this fall. Make sure you are at the check in Tuesday at noon to register and check in. That way you’ll be set to get the app the following day. 

Next Monday Night for episode 482 is going to be a first time type of show in 13 years here at TW3. We will have in the studio here physically our entire TW3radio.com personalities with us to kick off the week of the conference. We will have Gary Greene, Laurie Brown, Chris Miller, Bobby Christy, and Valerie Williams. 

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