2021 Conference almost here and we can’t wait!

2021 Conference almost here and we can’t wait!

The 2021 You Are Worth More Conference held in Greenville, SC on September 7-9 at Building One is almost here and we are super excited. After having to do a virtual conference last year due to COVID-19 our members are busting at the seams to get together again for what promised to be a very informative and inspiring time.

Ticket are now on sale can be purchased by clicking here. Don’t miss this opportunity to be able to learn and be inspired by some of the top producers, trainers, and coaches at TW3.

Some of what you will be able to hear when you come is:

The Step by Step 2021 Secret Formula with Gary Greene
Elite Member 7+ yrs Gary Greene here. AKA “Greenbacks!!” Do you need to sell more? Do you need to close more deals? I am going to be teaching my system and showing how I get massive results. Buckle up and get ready for the latest step by step formula from Gary Greene in 2021.
Dominate the Inbox:  Email Marketing with Laurie Brown
Elite Member Laurie Brown, AKA “Miss Spelling Bee” discusses The Money in the LIST.  Learn strategies on how to build a list quickly, and what to say in your email copywriting and why, and how to leverage the power of the TW3 tools to help.  You just need to get a round to it!
How to Build a Multiple 6-Figure Business with the TW3 System with Chris Miller Elite Member, Chris Miller, AKA – “Miller Time!”, goes over steps to building a profitable business in the United States, how to plan a winning strategy for success in any business model, and how utilization of the training and tools found within the TW3 system can jumpstart, and build a complete income producing program for your next Multiple 6-Figure Business. This training is not one to be missed! 
Prospecting Top Clients using Linkedin with Bobby Christy
Technology rules the selling world today and I don’t make that statement lightly. I truly believe that trust and authenticity have been pushed to the back of the sales process.The number one problem facing most businesses today is a lack of sales.I’ve not met anyone who is turning away customers on purpose. Yet, they are doing just that. It’s driving me crazy.There are a lot of reasons why this is happening. None of them are acceptable. What worked 5 years ago does not work today.

Building a sales organization with purpose & profits through the TW3 tools & techniques with Terry Wilson


13 years later what started as a means to generate leads for my new insurance business after the implosion of my music business just continues to thrive. Yes it’s profitable and yes tons of people are making a great living but more importantly is how they are doing it and the community that’s been built while doing it. TW3 is an incredible business because of the incredible people and community they create. I’ll be sharing on how to create an organization that not only prospers financially but prospers you and everyone involved personally as well.

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