A Home Business that Works and Actually Offers High Success Rates


When you look at that statistic put out by the labor of statistics and reported by Forbes Magazine just a couple of years it can be very discouraging. However here is another statistic.

82.3% of TW3 Reps last quarter continued to renew and use their system, software, and platform to grow their business. The questions is why? I believe there are some very simple reasons for this.

  1. First and foremost our members & users never run out of people to speak with. By using the very product that is being sold our members never have to hunt for leads. They simply use a couple tools & techniques and their email inbox or phone starts being filled with new leads every day. Some of our reps are speaking to as many as 200 leads a day. Even a way below average sales person is going to stumble upon a sell or two with that amount of leads.
  2. Our product is bought not sold. You see when you are in the insurance business, real-estate business, direct sales, retail, or any other business you have to “sell something”. Our product is the life blood of every business. Without leads you don’t have a business. When prospects see and understand the power of our platform it’s bought immediately. I have to be talked into needing better insurance coverage, getting healthier, buying a new ______, but no one has to convince me of my need for new people to see my product, good, or service.
  3. Our members can make money while pouring value into others without ever having to make a sell. Many of our reps can refer leads over to various other products, goods, and services that cost the client nothing and the TW3 Member gets paid. Making money without having to sell anything, this alone makes this business opportunity one of the most powerful around.
  4. Easy to do. While our product is software, systems, and training the use of these assets are not required to get started and start earning. We have a very easy step by step methodology to start driving leads to your extension in our call center to start speaking to leads immediately. This doesn’t require any super technical expertise to do. Some of our top selling agents are very limited on their technical abilities.
  5. High paying commissions along with residual and passive income. The ability to post, write, or create something once and continually get paid is a power tool to grow wealth. People will fail you but a software or technology will continually work no matter what. Our members can leverage our digital products and tools to be able to create passive income. When selling our system our member make a min of $400 and our Elite Members can make as much as $18,000 on one sale.
If you are ready to make 2017 your year to earn & enjoy more than I invite you to join us today! Go to terrywilson3.com/followup to see which level of membership is right for, how to get special financing, and how to enroll.

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