How to make money from current events

After last nights national championship college football game between Clemson and Alabama I found myself watching the news where local screen printing companies were raking in the cash printing new championship shirts, sweaters, and hats. Local sports stores opened up late last night at 1am in the morning to be able to capitalize on a market that was ready, willing, and able to shell out top dollar to pledge their allegiance to their local heroes here in SC.

This is a great illustration how smart online marketers can use current traffic traffic trends to generate income. This was illustration I used in the training about how to turn Facebook into an ATM. Learning how to match an offer with a current motivated trends is a great way to generate a LOT OF MONEY.

Here are some great news events I’ve been able to use in the past to generate income.

  1. Political story with survey offer – This past presidential election season had the number one headline generator running for the GOP nominee for president. Finding a story to match with a motivated audience was easy. In this training I show how I was able to use our system to match a group of motivated people to respond an offer through our RMP system.
  2. Current pop culture story – When the pop artist Prince past away in 2016 social media was set on fire. In this training I show how I was able to a related offer right in front of a huge trend happening on social media at that very moment.
  3. Sports Events – Whether local or national events, sports fans are always buzzing for days after their team won. Having content online that will capture their enthusiasm and have a complimenting offer within that content is a great way to monetize your blog, podcast, or site.

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