A Scary Reality of Business: Are you doing the “wrong things”?

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I was on a private call with Michael Gerber and a small group of entrepreneurs.

Michael Gerber, is the author of the E-Myth, and has more experience working with small businesses than almost anyone else on the planet.

On the call he shared an interesting statistic: “Fewer companies are started than go out of business each year.”

Untangle those words and what he was really saying is that the failure rate of businesses continues to be high, really high!

More importantly though than some statistic is the question of WHY?

Why do so many businesses continue to go out of business?

The answer Gerber shared is because people continue to do the wrong things.

They have this vague concept of what business is…

…they believe they know what they are getting into, yet they very often have no real plan.

I went on a 5km run recently and reflected on this.

What is very clear to me is that many consultants approach their consulting business the same way.

They take the knowledge they have and decide to turn that into a business.

While they have the expertise between their ears to help their clients, they often have little to no plan on how to actually grow their business.

True story…

Just the other day I spoke with a consultant who has been running their business for 3.5 years.

They had a nice spike or clients and revenue when they first started their business. This came from their network and through referrals.

They felt great. The income was coming in. But soon that organic business dried up. Their business is now at a plateau. Their revenues haven’t increased in over 2 years.

They aren’t getting the referrals they used to.

But why do so many people keep doing the wrong things? Because it’s easy. Because people are scared to venture into the unknown and learn the things that will actually help them.

And they have no plan and no idea how to fix that problem.

So what are they doing about it?

Unfortunately, what far too many people do – nothing.

They’ve decided to keep doing what they are doing. To continue doing, as Michael Gerber called it, “the wrong things.”

Here’s the truth…

What I ENCOURAGE you to realize is that if what you’re doing NOW isn’t working it’s not going to work.

If you’re not getting the RESULTS you want don’t simply continue doing more of the same.

It’s time to do something different.

But why do so many people keep doing the wrong things?

Because it’s easy. Because people are scared to venture into the unknown and learn the things that will actually help them.

And because it takes an investment and hard work.

My question for you…

Are you seeing the results you want in your consulting business?

Are you growing your business at a rate your satisfied with? Or do you KNOW you have greater potential?

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The other option? Continue doing what you’re doing. I just hope you don’t continue doing the wrong things if they aren’t creating the results you ultimately want.

Whichever path you choose, recognize that YOU HAVE THE CHOICE. You can have the business of your dreams. Or you can choose to stay in your comfort zone and never push beyond those boundaries and see your full potential.

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