Are you being you, or someone else?

I came across this funny video of this hysterical lady that really can do impressions of various famous people, and I started to think. I wonder how long she had to study, and rehearse being all of those different people? I hear impressionist and actors say the only true way to nail another character is to learn to totally abandon self awareness, and immerse yourself into the persona of the other character.
I think it’s a great talent to be able to act, and impersonate other people. If done well, a great career can be had. However, in every other facet of life impersonations can be a drag, and detriment to your career. There’s nothing wrong with copying success. Why try to reinvent the wheel? I do believe though to find ultimate success, with significance you have to learn the methods that work, but allow them to be shaped and branded by WHO YOU ARE. Trying to speak, look, and appear like someone else just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work in business, it doesn’t work in marketing, and really it just doesn’t work in life.
Discover your passion, your purpose, and your calling. When you do, go after it, and go strong, but stay true to your uniqueness, your flavor, your brand. Stay true to YOU!

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