Don’t stress over the Dec 15th deadline to enroll into health coverage

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I’ve had a lot of phone calls in the past few days with clients, agents, and new clients calling about the “deadline” to enroll. Here’s the deal. To have an effective date of January 1, you must enroll into a plan before the 15th of this month (Dec). That doesn’t mean if you miss this deadline the opportunity to enroll is gone. Enrollment goes until Feb 15th. See info here.

I’m not advocating procrastination by no means, as the enrollment process can take a while if you qualify for a tax credit and want to apply for it. When you enroll, or “apply” for health insurance, and you qualify for a tax credit you’re really taking 2 applications. One naturally is for the health insurance, and the other is for the tax credit. This process can take a few days. You need to give yourself a few days for this process.

If you haven’t determined what tax credit, or plan is available you can find out through our private health exchange here. This will give you an estimate on the tax credit you may be eligible for, and the plan(s) available¬†in your area.

Please let me know if you need any help. I can definitely advise you on various plans. Technical questions however for applying for the tax credit through the exchange need to be directed to the 800 number within the application.