Are you willing to be great? – Episode 279

Are you willing to be great? - Episode 279

Everyone says they want love, joy, happiness, success, growth, but most fall short. Why? What keeps some from realizing their goals and dreams? Is it talent? No. Is it intelligence? No. Then what is it?

In this episode I pose a serious question. Are you willing to be great? It’s my opinion, based on years of experience that everyone wants greatness, but few are willing to be great. Greatness, success, contentment, happiness, joy, achievement, and growth comes at a cost. Very few are willing to pay the cost because they are fooled into thinking that the status quo that they’ve plateaued to will cost them less then reaching for more. This is one of the greatness fallacies that a person can ever be lulled into because it appears to be so attractive at first. It’s only years later that the results of settling for less really start to weigh down on a person.

Pay the premium to see your success, and grab ahold of your greatness. It may seem like a heavy lift now, but I promise you in the long run you will be so glad you decided to take the road less traveled.

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