Congratulations to Jason in Jacksonville for their first 10 days with as a rep

TW3 Reps Earns $3800 in first 10 days with

When I designed this platform I did solely to help grow my insurance business at the time. Being an insurance agent I knew the key to my success was being able to generate highly qualified leads that would convert. 8 years later to see how my system has become not only a tool to use, but a product to re-sell, in a business that is highly successful for so many is just awesome to see.

Listen below to an agent I asked to call in and just give me 3 min of his time to ask about his experience thus far. Jason was reluctant as he stated right upfront to me that he was nervous about starting this business, but so far in just a matter of days he is already seeing results from his efforts.

How did he do it?

  1. In the first 4 days completed steps 1-4 in the back office
  2. Started using the system to drive over 200 leads to his ext in our call center
  3. Followed up with clients with pre-made marketing content
  4. Closed interested prospects with no money down, no payment option at TW3
  5. Referred several prospects over to other offers that were a better fit

Jason is somewhat a more bashful person. He really enjoys working behind a computer then out in front of people. The fact that at TW3 interested buyer call and pull on him makes it a whole lot easier to do business, and the fact he don’t have to make sell to make money really eases his mind.

If you would like to join the TW3 opportunity then apply today.

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If you have already applied call your recruiter or trainer today to get started. You can contact us at

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