Do you train to compete or train to participate?

Training is crucial to master a craft, develop a talent, and sharpen a skill. However training in itself can be counterproductive if the wrong mindsets and activities are not being engaged. I recall years ago when I went to a golf pro to help me improve my game and was told the way I had been practicing for years had created a terrible posture, swing plane, and grip. The pro told me I would have been way better off touching the clubs for the first time that day rather than having to fight against years of bad habits that now had to be unlearned. For the next several months a game that once brought me moderate enjoyment at times was now the most frustrating, irritating, and torturous activity I could do.

Just like having to relearn golf the right way, learning to do business online can be challenging for many who’ve only done business face to face. While good business transcends the medium used, there are some nuanced differences you have to understand and appreciate to be successful. Many entrepreneurs I speak with will say, “Oh I’ve already tried the email marketing, or blogging, or social media thing. That just doesn’t work for my business! My business is still a face to face, beat the pavement type of business.” Yeah I don’t think so. The world is online now my friend. Have you ever heard of Amazon?

So my recommendation is to not stop what you are doing if it works, however you will want to start picking up new skills and abilities to market online. Why? Because that’s where your business is already. Even if you are having moderate success now in a traditional face to face business you’re merely enjoying the residue of the former ways. It has changed and will continue to change. So what are these new skills?

The good news is you are not going to have to start ALL OVER. Like I said before, good business transcends the medium it’s on. However the various platforms to do business online are tools that need to be learned. Here are some tools You need to consider learning ASAP.

  1. A blog and site – This is your online store, office, or business. This is where people see who you are, what you are about, what you offer, how to connect, and everything necessary to make a decision whether to do business with you.
  2. An Email List – One of the greatest business assets you will ever have is a list of names and emails of people who have took the time to sign up to get information from you. These are people who have said, “I like you, your product, or what you are doing. Feel free to tell me more when it’s pertinent.”
  3. A Sales Funnel – This is a little more sophisticated but it’s basically taking the way you’ve done business for years in person and broke it down into a series of pages, emails, videos, forms, and content to automate the sales process. This is the most difficult skill set to teach, learn, and master. HOWEVER it will take your ability to earn and multiply it by a factor of 100x.

For many people who are in business already or have tried to start a business they have tried one if not all of the above tools at some point. Some have seen incredible success very early but for the majority success has been slow if at all. Why? Training.

As a top trainer at TW3 said a few weeks back, “some things are taught and some things are caught.” The best learning environment I’ve found is around others who share a common interest, experience, and goal. Seeing how others just like you are having the same problems but solving them is the best way to get inspired, see an illustration that makes sense, and find actionable plans you can engage to reach your fullest potential.

The best investment I believe a person could ever make is in themselves. Your own ability to understand, to achieve, and to earn and experience more is the best time and investment you could make. That is why I am encouraging everyone to make plans and reserve their tickets now to the 2019 You Are Worth More Conference. (click here to see more info) You will not only walk away inspired, informed, and equipped with tools and technology you can start working with and training on to take your business and life to new levels.

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One thought on “Do you train to compete or train to participate?

  1. Joshua Lee

    Amazing as always Terry. Can’t thank you enough for the platform you have put in place. I’ve learned so much in just a matter of months and it all came from the mindset of “Investing in myself”. See you all at conference!

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