Earning opportunity as a digital marketer

How to create residual income with digital services

In this live webinar recorded on April 10, 2023 I share some new additions to the TW3 app and how they can be used to provide viable marketing services right now.

The 10 marketing service I highlight are:

  1. Social Media Management

  2. Email Marketing

  3. Text Marketing

  4. Blogg Posting

  5. Graphic Design

  6. Web Design

  7. Local SEO

  8. Reputation Management

  9. Influencer Marketing

  10. Video Marketing 


Digital marketing has become a crucial aspect of business success in the modern era. As a local small business, it’s important to have a strong online presence in order to attract and retain customers. As an online marketing expert who knows how to use social media, email marketing, text marketing, blogging, and graphic design, there are various digital marketing services you can offer to local small businesses. Here are 10 digital marketing services you can provide:

  1. Social Media Management: Managing social media profiles is a great way to promote the products or services of local small businesses. You can create and publish content, run ads, engage with followers, and track analytics.

  2. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with customers. You can create and manage email campaigns, build email lists, and create compelling email content that converts.

  3. Text Message Marketing: SMS campaigns can be highly effective in promoting offers, events, and other important information to the customers of local small businesses.

  4. Blogging: Blogging is a great way to increase the online visibility of local small businesses. You can write and publish blog posts that appeal to the target audience and improve SEO.

  5. Graphic Design: Graphic design is essential for creating visually appealing social media graphics, email templates, website banners, and other digital assets that help local small businesses stand out online.

  6. Website Design: A well-designed website is crucial for local small businesses to attract and convert more customers online. You can design and develop websites that are optimized for SEO, user experience, and mobile responsiveness.

  7. Local SEO: Optimizing the local search presence of local small businesses is important to ensure they appear in Google Maps, local directories, and other relevant local search results.

  8. Reputation Management: Monitoring and managing the online reputation of local small businesses is important to address negative feedback and build a positive brand image.

  9. Influencer Marketing: Partnering with local influencers can help promote the products or services of local small businesses to their followers, increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

  10. Video Marketing: Creating engaging video content is a great way to showcase the products or services of local small businesses, helping them connect with their target audience in a more personal way.

These are just some of the digital marketing services you can offer to local small businesses. Each of these services can help improve the online presence of local small businesses, attract and retain customers, and ultimately lead to business success.

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