Episode 363 – How to Recruit and Hire Eagles Instead of Turkeys

Episode 363 - How to Recruit and Hire Eagles Instead of Turkeys

Recruiting better people means having better conversations with better candidates. If you are a sales organization then your ability to grow, expand, and thrive is contingent on the quality of sales people you have.

One of the best ways you can vet your candidates is through a series of thought provoking, meaningful, and revealing questions that will lead to rapport building dialogue. Some questions I have used in the past while interviewing a candidate is:

1: Check the audience you are targeting. Go to where the Eagles nest

2: Speak to the level you expect

3: Ask serious questions requires your candidate to think & reveal ( no yes no questions)

a. What has your favorite job been thus far?

1. Why?

2. Would you go back if you could now?

3. Why?

b. What has your worst job been thus far?

1. Why?

2. How could they make you come back?

3. Why?

c. What motivates you the most about a job, is it the pay, the people, the place, or the product? If you had to pick only 1, what gets you the most excited?

1. Why?


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2 thoughts on “Episode 363 – How to Recruit and Hire Eagles Instead of Turkeys

  1. Tomoko Kanehisa

    Wow great pod cast made me think a lot about who I Amazon individual . What motivates me, money, more time, product, the people? I really had to think about that
    Thank you for the thought provoking questions.

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