7 Ways How to Think and Grow to New Levels

The way you think will determine how and if you succeed

Here are 7 ways I’ve found to help me keep a positive attitude in order to achieve more on a daily basis.

  1. Start the day off with a daily affirmation. Having a word that is true, consistent, and challenging to think about first thing in the morning will help you set the tempo and course for your entire day. You know the day is going to be full of challenges, choices, and unexpected changes that can impact your attitude, mood, and motivation. Why not take control of the day first thing with considering positive affirmations that can wash your soul of all the toxins from the day prior and set the course for your new day.

  2. Focus on the good things regardless of how small. It really is true that in order to stay positive you should count your blessings. It’s not just so you can manage your mood but really you can’t see new opportunities in front of you and learn new things when you are down and out. I remember when we lost our home in foreclose due to the recession of 2008. I found everything I worked so hard to obtain stripped away. I was standing in the dining room thinking that the furniture inside of it would have to be sold just to be able to buy food. The salt and pepper shaker on the table caught my attention and I just started crying out loud, “thank you Lord for the salt and pepper!” It may sound crazy but I just immediately and intentionally decided to be thankful for anything and every thing I still had. The opportunity to launch a whole new business came to me just shortly after that intentional moment I had. Zig said it best, “an attitude of gratitude will take you to new altitudes!”

  3. Find humor in every situation. One of the best things you can learn to do is laugh. Laughter is like medicine to the soul. It will cleanse, repair, and restore your heart to a place that is healthier to live in. There is a reason why on a business podcast we make sure we keep it light, fun, and full of laughter. Why? Because I realize there is no pressure like financial pressure. To create wealth you have to be operating in your highest form of creativity as an entrepreneur. There is nothing that will stifle your creativity more than a heavy heart and stress. So…. We take time to have fun and laugh. I’m amazed at how entrepreneurs who’ve come to our conference or listened to our live podcast come away saying I really don’t remember a thing you said, but I had so much fun and I have 3 new ideas I’m going to implement this week. Information without inspiration and illustration does no good. Laughter makes what you are seeing come alive and understandable that makes the information executable.

  4. Turn Failures into lessons. I love what Guy Kawasaki said one time, “sometimes I win and sometimes I learn.” That is exactly what is afforded to everyone who will take the time to not personalize failure but instead let it be a school master to them. Winston Churchill said that the quickest path to success is being able to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm. I’ve never met anyone that has achieved the pentacle of their field that doesn’t have a history past failures. What separates the wannabees from the gonnabees is how failure is looked at, learned from, and left behind.

  5. Transform your negative talk into positive talk. There’s a very interesting psychological phenomena that I’ve really started paying more attention to as I’ve listened and read more from Dr. Jordan Peterson. We have all probably been told or heard of the power of positive thinking and positive talk. However what’s interesting to me is how what you say out loud shapes the way you think. Now as a Christian you’ve probably heard the passage where it says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Which means you say what you believe. This has been taught and I have taught that the way you change your speech is change your beliefs. However sometimes what we believe and what think can become incongruent. For example, you may truly believe you are worth more and could do more. However your thought process is alway full of negative words you’ve heard from your parents, teacher, friends and family. So when you go to try to do something more in life your constantly at war with yourself. You believe deep down you can do more but your constantly fighting against all of the negative thoughts that flood your mind. So what do you do? Speak out-loud to yourself and to others what you believe. “You know I am worth more. I am made from, by, and for the purposes of greatness. I am not a wandering generality but a meaningful specific. I bring value, solutions, and strategies to every situation I am a part of. I will and am making a significant impact on the people and the world around me to compel them to be better.”  You will be amazed as you start speaking in these terms about yourself to yourself and others how your thinking will start to come into an alignment with what you should truly believe about yourself. If you don’t believe this about yourself then it’s time to get that fixed immediately.

  6. Focus on the present. The worse thing you can do for your day today is drag your past into it. We’ve all had bad days, bad decisions, bad ideas, bad executions, and bad business that we would do all over again if we could. However dragging those times in the past into the present day you are in does nothing but create another waisted moment, day, and opportunity to achieve your dreams. Focus for an entrepreneur is the anti-venom for the poison of distraction that most entrepreneurs suffer from. Remember what focus means, “Follow One Course Until Successful!

  7. Find positive friends and mentors to be with. One of the reasons I give away free audio books at terrywilson3.com/freebook and give my own sample copy book away at terrywilson3.com/worthmore is because I know the power of people you listen to. You really are the sum total of the 5 people you hang around the most and if you are the smartest one in the room, it’s time to change rooms. You have to be in a position where you are being encouraged, inspired, and challenged daily. Some people are just plain miserable and the only happiness they get out of life is seeing other people as miserable. Don’t allow those attitudes into you inner circle of life. You have to insulate from that. You may not be able to isolate from it but you sure can insulate from it. Remember you are worth more and things of high value must be treated as such by those around it.

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