Episode 388 – The Road that Leads to Greatness

Episode 388 - The Road that Leads to Greatness

In episode 388 tonight I want to share with you an interview I had with one of our top Elite Trainers here at TW3 that has consistently earned over $5k per week with us and has been with us now for over 6 and going on 7 years. You will hear his story, his experience, and what he does daily to earn money on this terms, his time, and with his talent.

Before I get in to that interview I want to share a few things.

  1. Tickets to the You Are Worth More Conference are down to the last few tickets. If you want to see 2020 be the best year you’ve ever had both personally and professionally then I want to encourage to be there. There’s a lot you can learn from reading a book, watching a webinar, or listening to a podcast. However the greatest educational investment you can make is being around a group of people that have the same goals, tools, and training you have to learn from them and see how they are growing their business, income, and impact. You’ve heard over the past year from so many top earning entrepreneurs here at TW3 that are working in several different industries and you’ve heard their stories. HOWEVER they all had one thing in common other than having the tools and training of TW3, they attended the You Are Worth More Conference. So go to worthmoreconference.com now and get tickets while we are still making them available. That’s worthmoreconterence.com
  2. After my interview tonight I will be taking your questions so if you don’t hear a response just hold on as we will answer them after the interview.
  3. If you would like the chance to win free leads and a free book then share this podcast now on facebook, twitter, or linkedin and use the hashtag #tw3podcast388 If you don’t share it using that hashtag we won’t be able to find your share and enter you to win some free leads and a copy of my book, You Are Worth More. To buy the book go to youareworthmorebook.com


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