Responding to Negative Reviews about & TW3

Is TW3 and a SCAM?

Always a popular question that opportunity seekers have, and frankly I’m more than ok with that question. I understand the internet is fraught with charlatans and con artist. I published a very short and to the point blog article on that very question. CLICK HERE to read it now.

How to respond to online negative reviews as a business owner?

The internet has taken over the public square and the importance of an online reputation has become paramount for small businesses. The  ability to attract new clients and be found in an online search will coincide with your online reviews. I myself, more than anyone know how online reviews and reputation can help or hurt your business. So here are some things I would recommend. These recommendations aren’t because they’re what I’ve always done, actually quite the opposite. These are recommendations that after a decade and a half of running an online business, with an opportunity component to it; which is filled with people who want to blame others for their results,  are what I find work the best.

  1. Don’t respond to a negative review for a minimum of 1 week. Everything inside of you when you first read a bad review will be to “set the record straight,” however time will help you not over respond, explain, or defend. (This is something that took me 18 years in the online space too finally get) You might be tempted to reach out to the reviewer immediately but more than likely if the reviewer has taken the time, energy, and effort to leave a review there’s no way you’re changing their mind. More than likely if you could have changed their mind you would have prior to their review. When and if you respond simply thank them for their perspective, state that you are seeing if there’s anyway to improve based on what they said, and wish them well.
  2. Look for ways that you can use the review as a positive in your business. For me some of my best marketing has come from  reviewers that made all kinds of wild claims, insults, and outright lies. What they thought was a way of hurting my business or reputation actually had the opposite affect. The greatest gift a negative reviewer can give is when they blatantly misstates the facts, and or use insulting language that the reasonable client you are trying to reach already sees through the review and actually becomes sold on your product, good, or services.
  3. Engage TW3 in our reputation management service. Because we’ve been online for awhile we know how to help you get the positive reviews from your clients who appreciate your value out there. A negative emotion is 10x more motivated to sound off online. That’s why you have to be super engaged in getting those who are happy with you to let others know. TW3 can help with that. Our service will help you capture the reviews and feedback from everyone who uses your product, goods, or services. EVEN IF the feedback is negative it is worth the process for multiple reasons. Contact us today to see how we can help you improve your reviews and customer satisfaction.


8 thoughts on “Responding to Negative Reviews about & TW3

  1. Bergeron

    It,….has become so cliche in our society when one of ‘limited’ mindset, ‘unfamiliarity’ or lack of knowledge chooses to judge anything not knowing the TRUTH…. as with TRUTH, you can count on it ALWAYS exposing itself…. As with Science, it has proven this to us over and over…. the world is not flat. as with Jesus…. they thought he was a scam too.

  2. Ted Heims

    The only thing I may have added is the fact that every single company in the world has their naysayers. Apple is one of the most respected companies in the world regardless of whether you like their products or not, yet if one does a search on apple, one will find thousands of negative reviews. Pick a company, it comes with the territory. Some negative posters are scammers themselves, some, believe it or not, are the competition. Short & long of it, for as long as you’ve been around, to only have that many negative reviews is a testament to the validity of the TW3 organization.

  3. Chris Miller

    I just wanted to let you know that I posted a detailed comment on that guy’s youtube review. I did it more for me than for you brother, but I did it. Below is the copy for your information and reference:

    My name is Chris Miller. I am a recent TW3 member. I like to keep an open mind in all things, politics and religion included, but you are misrepresenting this program pretty hard here friend. First off, you refer to this company and its offerings as a scam. Scams take and don’t give back. This company does. I have been with the company since Dec. 2018 and I have made well over what I imagined possible with the tools and the training provided.

    I have come out of crushing debt, overcome the financial effects of divorce, and now pay the $30K/annual tuition for my son’s school all from the benefits of signing on with TW3. That is not what Scams do, they take and don’t give back. You also state that the info is outdated. It is true that some of the videos are, but others are on the cutting edge of now. Terry doesn’t take the videos down, only adds more. If you took the time to look around a bit you might have noticed that. In business, things change all the time. What works today may not work tomorrow. Terry is very good at updating things as they change.

    You really are doing yourself a dis-service by closing off your mind to the possibilities of what you could do with this if you had given it a chance. But maybe you were right to get out. I don’t know. What I do know is that you could have done well with TW3 if you had put 1/3 of the effort into learning and using it to your advantage in business as you are in putting it down. I don’t re-sell any TW3 products, but I did put my money down ($4,064 so far to be exact) as you did. I attend the training meetings, but do not recall seeing you at any. All I do is use the information and the tools to my advantage in my own business and they have made me well over 35x my investment this first year alone. I am not some guru, nor am I a billionaire with nothing but free time on my hands to do this with. I am 100%, no holds barred, unstoppable however. That is where we differ. I looked for the ways I could use this to my advantage, and then went after it until I had those advantages. You did not, and you need to ask yourself why.

    I am no more special than anyone else, and I have made a good living this year thanks to this company. You want to tear down my income because you were too lazy to go to work? What is that? I see the background there of you in your little apartment. I am judging. If you put more effort into working on your future instead of messing with mine, you might get out of there and start living a life. TW3 feeds my family. TW3 pays my mortgage. TW3 got me out of debt. TW3 ROCKS! When you mess with their ability to work, you mess with my ability to provide for my family. Don’t mess with my family friend. It isn’t right.

    You probably won’t have the stones to let this comment stay here. It goes against your agenda. Either way, just do yourself a favor and reflect on what I’m saying. This advice will serve you well in life if you follow it.

  4. Sara Jones

    Wow Chris, that was very inspiring! You are right that he damages our ability to earn, assuming anyone who watches him believes it. I had the unfortunate experience of a client bringing that video to me, so he could do damage if one doesn’t know how to discount him. I did, but it made me mad I had to, which is why I commented on his video. Such is life I suppose, but in my older age and our current political climate I’m more inclined than ever to push back. I keep thinking: Jesus was not a wimp! Nice response to you as well Terry.

  5. GEN

    It’s so very SAD HE QUIT BEFORE HE GOT STARTED! Otherwise, he would have realized YOUR PROGRAM is EXACTLY WHAT HE HAD BEEN SEARCHING FOR to accomplish his goals; an ALL-IN-ONE, cost-effective back-office to keep his monthly overhead down ….IT’S THE REASON I JOINED. I had the online knowledge of doing what your program offers, on an individual basis. I know how much time and expense it saves me per month by having YOUR PROFESSIONAL BACK-OFFICE SETUP! No one had to ‘SELL ME’… I was making 6 figures doing what your program offers, only now it is easier….THANK YOU for ‘SIMPLICITY’ and the OPPORTUNITY to have you TEACH us the ‘EVER CHANGING’ ONLINE TECHNOLOGIES. …..GEN B.

  6. Jason Kelly

    Terry you are way too kind in your response here mate. This guy is a fraud and the the only person who has been scammed is TW3. Listening to what the confused chap said here he admits to seeing what was offered, deciding to buy something for his business, then deciding after less than 24 hours he wanted a refund. So what he was told by you and his trainer didn’t matter. What a scum bag.

    You are everything you appear to be my friend. I would have been way more aggressive in dealing with the scoundrel. You are a true gentleman and kind soul. I’m sure you make your parishioners proud. Keep up the good work my friend!

    Ciao –
    Jason Kelly
    TW3 Rep

  7. Jessica R

    People like this just irritate me. Never their fault, always someone else. I doubt this guy could keep a job bagging groceries at a local grocery store. Good Lord. You’re a more patient man than me Mr. Wilson. What a clown!

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