Has the News and the Media made you Ineffective?

How fear and doctrine has paralyzed some

As a person of faith I honor everyones right to and pursuit of truth as best they can perceive it. I’ve often said that good people can disagree on minor matters when it comes to some areas of doctrine within the context of the Christian Faith. However we all need to examine our faith at all times but especially if it begins to hender our effectiveness of sharing love, care, and benevolence to our fellow man during a crisis.

In this episode I share how I had a little and I do mean a little but sincere pushback from someone who’s doctrine on end times within the Christian Faith was taking issues with my encouragement to help support local businesses right now. To me this just illustrates how truth will set you free but empty philosophies of man will justify ineffectiveness, unconcern, and callousness toward others.

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