How you can go broke trying to chase a higher income instead of this one thing

New rep with TW3 earns over $8,400 in their first 30 days

Have you ever said I wished I knew then, what I know now? I know I’ve said it multiple times when thinking back on all of the businesses, jobs, and strategies I’ve tried as an entrepreneur over the past 25 years. The fact is some people pick things up fairly quick, while others like myself take a little longer. However the one common denominator in all successful people I’ve met is no matter how long it takes them to wrap their minds around a  new concept, strategy, or business they don’t stop short.

I will tell you that this  is why many entrepreneurs who have finally made something will have a past littered with financial reversals, devastations, and yes bankruptcy. Why? They didn’t quit even when it may have been advisable to. The same attribute that keeps them pushing through set backs, down turns, and frustrations to find success can at times be the thing that keeps them from pivoting when they should have.

I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned in the past 8 years of being an entrepreneur is developing the skills to sense when it’s time to keep pushing, and when it’s time to pivot. The one constant that I have learned not to pivot from is the “type” of business I engage in however. While there are many economic shifts that can happen to anyone there is one thing you should never quit nor pivot from, and that is residual income.

There is no way wealth can ever be achieved if a residual income component is not present. Otherwise you are always working from pay check to pay check to earn. This concept, while I was familiar with it early on, was never a priority to me until my 12 year career in the music retail and wholesale business came to a screeching halt. Up until then all I knew to grow my business was buying more, hiring more, and selling more. The problem with this model is the same problem with 9-5 jobs that the most face.

  1. You can only scale your earnings to what you can produce in that given time period
  2. Growth only can come with greater time, effort, or income exerted
  3. Continued growth is very difficult to sustain

When I got out of the music business and into the insurance business the concept of residual income, or “renewals” became a very real and powerful concept. For the first time I saw income continue to grow over time without ever having to grow my effort, expenditures, or bringing on more employees. This is why our Elite Membership package is so powerful.

It allows members at TW3 who re-sell and coach others on our system and software to earn a $50 monthly residual income on each new member. That means for every 10 clients brought on they earn an additional $500 per month and $6000 a year. Which means after bringing on 10 clients if they retired they would already have a $6000 per year in income.

A new member a few weeks ago joined and has already earned over $8400 in commissions, but the best part of it is they will have $600 in renewals next month if they don’t sell anything else. That’s $7200 in the next 12 months that will come in regardless of another sell. Naturally they are very excited and really enjoy helping their clients and will continue to bring new ones on, but the feeling of each month I produce business I am simply adding to the following months earnings is a very powerful tool to leverage in order to build wealth. This is what the regular “job” just can’t offer.

What would your career path look like if everything you did this month in activity at your job increased the next month’s earning and each one there after in perpetuity? Of course there are retention rates that need to be considered when considering or prognosticating on income potential within this business model, but even with these factors that will detract actual realized earnings is still the most efficient way to accumulate wealth. Ask us today about how we can help you realize your earning goals by becoming an Elite Member at terrywilson3. Go to now and begin the process of taking your money, business, and life to the next level.

Remember, you are worth more!

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