10 things that require no special skill you can do now to earn more money

Sometimes in career and business development we focus heavily on the higher skill sets to develop in order to maximize earning potential. Recent studies have shown that basic skill and work ethic is a major factor in limited career advancement and income achievement in many cases.

This list may seem condescending to some, but studies have shown that simply executing on these 10 basic skill sets will put you ahead of 78% of the competition.



  1. Believe it or not your punctuality is the leading way many will judge your honesty, integrity, and professionalism. When you show up late you are communicating in a non-verbal manner that you don’t honor your commitments, respect others time, and do not care about the activity or event.
  2. The ONLY WAY to ever achieve is to push through the set backs, frustrations, and disappointments until you see your desired results. No one has ever achieved anything stopping short of reaching their goal.
  3. Doing something for the sake of saying you did something will never achieve greatness. Only your max effort with complete commitment to the task will achieve your objective, goal, and dream.
  4. The way you carry yourself will speak louder to others than your voice ever will. Your posture, gestures, and non-verbal communication is responsible for 80% of what people understand you to be communicating.
  5. Energy is contagious. High energy will attract greater results and repel common distractions.
  6. Attitude is everything in business, life, and achievement. A positive attitude cost you nothing but the self indulging emotions that distract you from your goals anyway.
  7. Passion like energy is contagious. Passion will sustain you on a task when your energy is depleted. Get passionate about what you do and you’ll see your results skyrocket.
  8. High competency comes from high coach-ability. The more you are able to be corrected, accountable, and committed the more you are able to achieve advancement.
  9. Going above and beyond what is expected is the fastest way to see greater advancement, achievement, and increase. Want to stand out? Then stand up and offer more than the other beside you. Opportunity will come begging you to join it.
  10. It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, then to have an opportunity and not be prepared. If you want more then be prepared to hold more.

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