Man loses job and makes more money than before

Jeff loses his middle management job after 18 years

He goes on to double his income in 2 months

unemployedBlogImageJeff managed his career like most would agree is the prudent way to create a safe, and secure income for his family. After graduating college with a 4 year degree in business at his state college he went to work for financial firm that would be a great find for most in the job market.

His career didn’t start out without bumps, and hurdles. After being an employee for over 4 years at what he thought was the perfect job, he found a better job, at a better company, and more money in management. After speaking to his wife, it really was a no brainer. Jeff took the offer, and was ready to see the fruit of his hard work, studies, and talent be compensated and rewarded. Jeff took off at the new place and began to climb the corporate ladder.

Four months ago Jeff left home to start his commute to the office like he had done for the previous 18 years when a strange text came in. The text read “come to the conference room before you go to your office, urgent meeting”. Knowing that the suits from corporate had been in for the past week Jeff assumed it was the annual regional assessment report that he’d been used to seeing. When he made his way into the office everything looked, felt, and seemed normal. Unfortunately today would be the day Jeff career would take a major shift.

Walking into the conference room Jeff noticed only one member of the corporate team in the room, and his boss. Thinking it was a bit strange as normally the annual assessment was given out to all the manager at one time he sat down. The next 5 minutes he said felt like the closest thing he ever felt to a near death experience he’d ever had. The room, the people, and sound all started going into slow motion. Thoughts of college tuition for his oldest daughter, the mortgage of his home, and medical bills from his wife’s surgery was all that he could seem to think of. The words being spoken to him, the reasoning behind the hard decision being made, and all of the cliche’s being offered to try and comfort seemed to be relegated to room noise. The noise coming from the AC duct in the room seemed to be just as loud, and more noticeable as any words being uttered in the room. The feeling of numbness and distraction became a norm that Jeff immediately felt, and says wouldn’t go away for weeks later.

closedAfter days of laying on the couch of his living room trying to figure out what just happened Jeff began to regain his composure. He started calling competitors, and other companies in the same industry. After spending a few days on the phone, and speaking with several people Jeff ran into his insurance agent at the local convenience store. His agent begin trying to set up a time with him to come by and go over his life policy. Jeff trying every way to politely decline, finally interrupted and explained that he was now unemployed and in no way would be upping his policy, or for that matter even keeping it if things didn’t change. What happened next Jeff say’s was a God send.

His agent immediately told Jeff that with his education, experience, and work ethic he should strongly consider becoming self employed before jumping back into a corporate job. Jeff said he thought that his agent was delusional and only trying to recruit him into some insurance business, or MLM. Jeff immediately said thanks, but no thanks. He said his agent said look, there are real opportunities to become your own boss, start your own thing, and never have to do the 9-5 grind again. Jeff said thanks again, but no thanks.

fearSeveral days went by since that meeting, but Jeff began to get really angry over what had just happened. He spent 18 years dedicated to the welfare of the company he worked for, and now for what? Jeff start warming up to the idea that while he was in the middle of this transition, and was able to have a little income available from his former employment why not try something new? If not now when, he thought. Calling his agent that he spoke with prior he start investigating this business platform that his agent had told him about. He came to my webinar last fall where I was talking about monetizing your message, and learning how to put a paycheck in your passion.

Jeff signed up that night, and in two months earned over $20k, giving him an average income of $10k per mo. This was twice as much as his salary was at his former corporate 9-5 management job. Jeff now states that his only regrets over the past 18 years is that it took 18 years to realize that he could earn more, enjoy more, and experience more by betting on himself than others.

2 thoughts on “Man loses job and makes more money than before

  1. Edward

    Hi Terry, if this money making idea came / originated from you – share it with me, if there’s no investment involved coz I am unemployed, not qualified yet to avail of unemployment benefits, etc., all I could invest in is my time and good people’s skills – in dealing over the phone or face to face. Email me, please and SHOW ME HOW – thanks!

    1. terrywilson3 Post author

      Hi Edward –

      Thank you so much reaching out to us. I completely understand the stress & aggravation of unemployment. We have a multitude of various programs that you can use to start rebuilding your income, and career with again. I am doing a live training & demonstration Monday Night Feb 22nd at 9pm EST if you would like to see what we have. There are programs that are hourly, there are programs commission only, there are programs that are work from home, and there are programs that are work on site. I have programs that cost nothing to start, and I have programs that required an investment in some tools to be able to do.

      Come to the webinar Monday and you’ll what they all entail. You can then make an educated decision on what is right for you, and see how to get started. I will also be taking questions at the end. Register at

      Terry Wilson

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