Push Marketing v/s Pull Marketing


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When developing a campaign to promote your product, good, or service the nature in which you market the item will naturally have a direct impact on your success. Some items require a push marketing strategy, but others require more of a pull marketing approach. Which one is right for you? First let’s settle on what each approach entails, and the tools used in each.

pushingPush marketing is a disruptive form of marketing. It’s cold calling someone on the phone, knocking on their door, emailing them directly with no former contact. It’s the most disruptive form of marketing, but in many cases the only way to get your offer in front of someone. After all, who goes shopping actively to purchase a $2500 set of cookware, or a $3000 home vacuum? Face it, there are some items that have to be sold, because they are not bought.





Pull marketing is where you pull an audience into your funnel through placing yourself in front of their current browsing behavior. People really do actively look for certain items, topics, products, and interest. An effective pull marketing strategy can not only be the most effective form, but the most affordable, and long lasting. Think about it. Have you ever been browsing to find your favorite recipe, info about a sports team, political news, or other interest and saw another add that drew your attention to it? Push Marketing is not dead, but Pull Marketing requires less cost, less sophistication, and offers more residual traffic and conversion.




Some marketing tools any entrepreneur who is serious about promoting their product, good, and services should consider are:

  1. Phone Marketing System – An effective voice broadcaster, voice mail drop, and predictive dialer will keep your dial time running at it’s most effective capacity. Able to turn one person into a full call center, and dial 10k people an hour at a rate of only $.02 per min is very effective, and affordable. This means if you dialed 10k and left a 15 sec voicemail on their system you would only pay $70.00. If you had only a 1% conversion rate your campaign would yield you 100 new prospective clients. Is there a more affordable, effective way of pushing your  message in front of new people? I don’t think so.
  2. Landing Page Creation – An effective way of having onlookers opt in to your email list for information, content, or offers you are making. As one marketer told me years ago, “the loot is in the list”. The quicker you build your email list, the quicker you are going to be making money.
  3. Email Marketing System – Is way beyond just sending out an email 1 at a time to someone, and never knowing if they actually opened it or not. It’s also getting the ability to mass email thousands of people, and have the system automatically respond to whatever actions the prospective client takes with the email. Email Marketing is the corner piece to any effective online marketing strategy.
  4. Bulk Text System – Is a great new add on to email marketing. The statistics show that on average only 2.5% of people actually open and read their email, but 97% of people open and read their text. Requiring a bit more sophistication on how, and when to use, the bulk text option to push a message in front of your clients is very effective when used correctly.
  5. Blog System – I am convinced that a business, has no business if they do not have a blog in today’s world. Think about it. You go to bed at some point. Your sales team takes a break, but a blog only grows, and stays online for everyone to see, anytime. With he advent of social media, you have to have a blog to be relevant, or even discoverable in todays world.
  6. Podcast – This may or not be for everyone, but I can tell you when I started my podcast 3 years ago it was just a hobby. I loved talking about things that interest me, and sharing it with others who were interested in the same things. Today it has become a major stream of revenue for my business, and the number 1 marketing asset I have. If you are an entrepreneur, or sales person, and you love to talk. Get a podcast, you’ll thank me later.

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