No Motivation to Work? Let’s Get Motivated!

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Having no motivation to work is one of the biggest issues that the average worker might have to tackle in their career. After all, what’s worse then going into your office everyday only to want to leave immediately? Learning how to stay motivated at work is an essential skill, and it’s an art, too. It makes your work better, and it makes you better!

no motivation to work - sad worker

Most people have no motivation to work at some point in their careers…

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not right for your job, or that you’re a fraud who’s about to become outed by an entrepreneurial coworker gunning for your spot. It’s a fact of life, which is why we’re here to help!

Whether you’re in sales, marketing, accounting or any other department, here are some tips you can use to combat having no motivation to work…

Identify (and Tackle) Tasks

This is going to sound very “hokey” and “spiritual,” but if you’re not feeling motivated at work the first thing you can be doing is identifying the tasks you have on deck. Whether it’s in the form of a to-do list, or a roadmap, you should be listing everything that needs to be done within your specific role. Map everything out, and take a long look. Good? Okay! Now take the time to rank everything (in order of importance). Think about it like this…what do you do, and what will get you fired if you don’t do it? Identify the tasks you have on your plate, and you’ll get motivated simply by seeing how much you have on the go! Don’t start sweating, though, because you’ve got this.

Set Goals

C’mon, now this is an easy one! Figuring out how to stay motivated at work is as simple as writing down some goals that you want to accomplish. Hate your job? Make your goal to become good enough that you get a promotion, or that you can move into a role that you would rather be doing. Feel like you can’t get off your butt? Make your goal to impress your boss/supervisor in a certain task. Set a goal, and get moving if you have no motivation to work! Goals are what drive us, they’re what keep us going, and when we don’t have goals it’s too easy to rest on our laurels. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a shot in the arm, and expect more from ourselves.

no motivation to work - seeking feedback

Seek Feedback

This one is always a winner. Seeking feedback has to be just about the easiest way to get motivated, and stay motivated, while at work. Find your boss, and ask them for your feedback on a certain project. Chances are that your boss doesn’t want you thinking that they’re doing nothing (in which case it might benefit them to check out this article), so they’ll often provide some form of feedback – or even a project that you can take on. If you’re not feeling motivated, an extra task (or simply something to do) can really provide you with a much needed shot in the arm. Also, seeking your boss out for feedback can really make you “stand out” (in the good way), and taking on more tasks might just help you when your performance review comes crawling back around.

Build A Routine (for Success)

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office, check your e-mail? Not anymore! The best thing you can do to find motivation at work is to switch things up, and to build new routines into your working day that can keep you going strong. Whether this means listening to music (if your work allows that), or simply starting your day in a different way. Try something new, and motivation will often find you! Of course, you’re going to want to avoid any of the things which might be more on the destructive side (that means no early-morning tequila shots, unfortunately…that might be a bit much).

When you have no motivation to work, sometimes it can feel like your whole world is coming down upon you. It’s harder to work on things, work with people, and it’s even harder to feel that you’re in the right place in your life. This is all temporary, though, and it can be easily fixed with just a few of these tips. Take them, incorporate them into your life, and see if they provide you with the motivation to go that extra mile, to drink that extra cup of coffee, or to seek that promotion or dream job that you’ve always wanted. Go ahead, we have faith in you!

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