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You know we live in an information overload society, and with that you are being inundated with claims all day, every day. The internet is a wonderful opportunity to connect, and share your value, your message, your products, goods, and services with the world. The problem is the internet is a noisy place, with unfortunately a lot of people willing to say anything to make a dollar.


One of the questions I always get when sharing some of the strategies, programs, jobs, and business opportunities we have at terrywilson3.com is, “is this for real”. I’ve even had people email me directly point blank asking, “is this a scam“. I have to admit I had to develop a thick skin quick when I started marketing my platform, and biz opportunity. One thing I learned real quick is so many people looking for a real business opportunity or job had been burnt, and burnt bad.

My mother always had a saying growing up about trying to size up an opportunity, or claim. She would always say, “the proof is in the pudding”. I have no idea what that means, as I hate pudding, and never understood how it proved anything, but she was confident that understanding this would make me a wiser judge of character. So here are some reps who’ve worked with me for various times, and their feedback in their own words.












Listen to a live call session I took from people calling into my show asking about our business opportunity, how they can make money, how much if anything does it cost, and how they can get started.

08-07-17 Show

One of the ways we guard against people getting scammed at terrywilson3.com is we have a strict no tolerance policy on rep conduct, and business practices. To date we've removed 6 reps from our call center, or licensing agreements of our products, brand, and training. The infractions ranged from over stating claims for certain products, using training in an unauthorized way, to misrepresenting our business. Please note that the terms of agreement to become a rep of Terry Wilson has a 0 tolerance policy on any of the above instances.

With a 20 year track record of doing business, and 10 of that doing business exclusively online I realize the most important asset an online business can have is trust. That is why I do business under my name, offer my national producer number, and give links to my personal social media page. I want people to know I'm a real person that stands behinds every statement and claim I make, and does not tolerate reps or agents who doesn't adopt this standard of business who work in my agency.

We have professionals from every industry using our system and making money. Whether you're a realtor, insurance agent, direct sales rep, or entrepreneur you will find people like yourself using our system. As a Plus or Elite member you will be given opportunities to come to our mastermind meetings to hear, and ask questions of other users. You may also as a Plus or Elite member book 1 on 1 time with Terry. A recording of a recent meeting can be heard here at the end of a podcast.


How a Hurricane Matthew Survivor made $4000 with terrywilson3.com – Episode 197






10 thoughts on “Reviews from Terry Wilson Call Center Reps

  1. Laura Bentley

    I have been paying some inquiring attention to Terry Wilon3 for several months now. I want to get started immediately, working about 20 hours a week from home. I have a lot of experience in sales. I have a great communication and rapport-enhancing , honest and heartfelt connection whereby I will be able to speak kindly, share knowledge, ask questions, and get a positive response. I want to begin immediately, but want to start at the “free” level. With whom can I work, who can mentor me, what is the progress, and what can I expect if I apply myself assiduously over the course of starting as strong as possible in 20 hours a week. Please connect with me at your earliest convenience so I may begin devoting myself to this endeavor.

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