The Dream is Free but The Hustle is Sold Separately

Today in a coaching session I was working with one of my coaches and consultants who told me that they had a client that really wanted to do something. They explained how this person was a perfect fit for being an online marketer, trainer, and even becoming one of our ELT trainers. There was just one problem, they did not want to invest any money and only an hour a day in becoming a self employed, self reliant entrepreneur.

For many coaches the hardest thing is seeing the potential and promise so many people have but can’t seem to get out of their own way. It reminds me of this youtube video I saw from Steve Harvey a few years back.

So my advice to that coach who really had their heart set on helping this person is this. You can’t invest more into people than they are willing to invest in themselves. Many people have a dream of being financially independent but there’s only a few who have a plan to be. You see dreams will show in what I say but a plan shows up in what I do.

For my TW3 members think about it this way. You have an opportunity that will:

  1. Give people a very lucrative, in high demand product/service to offer
  2. Give people the ability to have unlimited leads to speak to 
  3. Give people complete flexibility to work when and however much they want
  4. Give people a system that money is made even when you don’t sell anything
  5. Give people a step by step road map and training to accomplish their goals

and you can do all of that for as little as $0 down and as little as $30 a month. So my question I would have you ask is simply this. “Are your goals for financial freedom not worth more than a $1 a day to you?” Because if your prospective clients dreams, ambitions, and goals aren’t worth the next size up on the lunch combo they’re ordering at some drive through then they are lying to you and themselves.

The best service you can provide for people who are “considering” earning, experiencing, and enjoying more in their professional lives is challenging their stated desires. Don’t tell me you really want to go to the next level when you’re not willing to spend a $1 and an hour a day to do something about it.

Remember you can help your clients get financed on the coaching packages and systems you offer at TW3 by a few of our partners who can help. Try the following to help more clients start the pursuit of their best.

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