The Riches are in the Niches – Webinar










If you are like many people the idea of making a good income from home is the American Dream. I remember growing up in rural NC watching Perry Mason, or Matlock on TV thinking, “I want to be a lawyer”. Some days I still think I would’ve made a great trial lawyer, but the main reason was because I saw people on TV who made good money, enjoyed what they did, got to dress up, and didn’t have to break their backs to earn a dollar.

Growing up in the textile area of the Carolinas showed me the value of hard work. Most people I knew worked very hard to just earn enough to keep food on the table. When I was approached by a gentlemen in my first real job it changed my life. Not because the business he recruited me into was anything special, but he helped me find my niche. What I didn’t realize until much later is being trained by the guy who was trained and recruited by none other than Zig Zigglar was a blessing I didn’t even realize until much later in life.

In this webinar I show how anyone can make good money working for themselves at home if they’ll only find their niche.