Why you should look for ways to help others


How helping others really will help yourself

Normally when people hear others appeal to them about helping others it’s done through the perspective of how it’s the moral, decent, honorable, and a pious thing to do. These are all true and truly should be the main motivator, however there is another HUGE FACTOR that sometimes is unnoticed by some. You are helped as well.

Zig Ziglar famously coined the phrase, “You can have everything in life you want if you can just help enough other people get what they want.” This is so true both in and out of business, but I want to focus on business for just a moment. 

Did you know there are people just like you and I who are making $750 – $1500 per day by simply helping others. When I say “helping others” I am not talking about pestering them to buy something, join something, or start something. I am talking about genuinely meeting them where they are at, finding out what their needs are, and meeting those needs. In doing this they are getting paid and even by others sometimes and not even the client.

Becoming a coach is simply the act of taking your professional and personal experiences in life and helping others with it. The problems most people have in doing this are.

  1. They don’t know what they know that has value.
  2. They don’t know how to help others and get paid for it.
  3. They don’t know how to find clients to work with.

That is why I’m so excited about our coaching program. We equip coaches to coach. We show you how to take what you know, position it in a way you can bring value to others without ever having to sell them anything, and scale their efforts into a lucrative work. On top of being paid well here’s another hidden little gold nugget that many people don’t perceive at first. Think about this for just a second. YOU ARE PAID TO BECOME BETTER AND TO BETTER YOURSELF. 

One of the things I have thoroughly enjoyed about my life as a coach now for 12+ years is that I am put in a position to be constantly improving my mindset, skillset, and various capacities in order to bring the greatest impact to others. I am literally paid well to improve myself. 

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