Word of the Week – Legacy

You know when looking at buying a business one of the first things an investor will look at is the businesses legacy. However most people think of legacy as an asset and really that’s what it should be, but there’s also something called, “legacy cost.” To me life is so much like business in that everything we do will leave a legacy. It’s up to us if it will be counted as an asset or a liability.

In todays word of the week our share how I was deeply impacted by the legacy of Billy Graham without ever hearing, speaking, or meeting him. His impact on another business mans life impacted my life. Thinking about the life of Billy Graham I soon remembered how he impacted a local businessman from the area I grew up in. To me this is a great illustration of how everything we do in life has a ripple effect on our entire world.

Be intentional with the legacy you are leaving behind.

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