Episode 479 – Train your brain with Chris Miller

Episode 479 - Train your brain with Chris Miller

Why do you think the way you do? How did you decide on, or arrive at the ideas you hold as true? Do you have ideas or do ideas have you? Tonight we’re doing a deep dive into the neurological and psychological processes we all use and are governed by to make decisions. What does this have to do with business you might ask? EVERYTHING. Your ability to see value, bring value, and distribute value to your market place is directly tied to, and regulated by the way you think. 

Tonight we are joined by TW3radio.com‘s own Chris Miller. Chris is an Elite Trainer and Coach here and is also one of the conference speakers this year at the You Are Worth More Conference. If you would like to come to this years conference you can get tickets now at terrywilson3.com home page. Tickets are going fast so if you’ve been thinking about coming, now is the time to get your tickets!

Speaking of You Are Worth More. If you’d like to have a chance to win a signed copy of the book, You Are Worth More then like, share, and comment on our podcast. We would really appreciate any reviews you could offer at iTunes, Stitcher, or Pocketcast as that helps us get our show better ranked in those platform directories

Questions from Show:

  1. How does TW3ezpay work? I’ve heard you mention it but don’t know if I fully understand it.
  2. I come from a POS software sales background with a company that used to sell to retail, restaurant companies. I heard you mention on your last show an enterprise package you guys offer. Can you explain more about it?
  3. How could your system help me in my lawn business and could it help my wife in her hair salon’s business as well? We both own small businesses and was hoping this could help with both.
  4. Most of your emails don’t have a simple button to click to join. I find this incredibly frustrating to be honest. For someone who is held to an “expert” status in your area of marketing, don’t you find that a little troubling? I’ve been wanting to join for 4 weeks now, but simply don’t know how.

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