Episode 480 – Prospecting in 2021 with Bobby Christy

Episode 480 - Prospecting in 2021 with Bobby Christy

Welcome to episode 480! Tonight we’re talking about prospecting in 2021. Just like everything else in business that has dramatically changed in recent months and the past year, so has prospecting. To be clear let’s define what we mean by prospecting in the context of sales and business development. In essence, sales prospecting is the act of sales reps reaching out to leads in the hope of creating sales opportunities. Prospecting can refer to marketing tactics, cold calls, email campaigns, and other ways to nurture leads. So tonight we have in with us a special guest and authority on the subject, TW3radio.com‘s own Coach Bobby Christy. 

Before we get to Bobby though we want to let everyone know that if you have not got your tickets to the up coming You Are Worth More Conference then time is running out. You do not want to miss this special live, in person event. Last week Terry announced some very special opportunities that attendees will be receiving and will have more information on that a little later, however to get tickets now go to terrywilson3.com on get your tickets. 

Also, we want to thank all of you have liked, shared, and left comments on our podcast both at YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, and PocketCast. As always we really appreciate the love and support. Remember each week we pick someone out who likes, shares, and comments on our podcast on these platforms to send a free copy of the book, You Are Worth More as a way of saying thank you. 



  1. I am trying to generate leads for a new mobile dog grooming service I’ve started. How can your tools help me do this if I was to get the Elite Package? 
  2. If I am able to come to the conference do I have to be a member or buy anything to attend? 
  3. I am a Plus Member and want to upgrade to the Elite Package. Will I be able to have access to the new TW3app if I upgrade now?
  4. I’ve tried to set up my CRM with AWS to push out emails and text with little to no luck. Will the new app have the same issues and be as technical?

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