Episode 550 – The message of Christmas to goal seekers

Episode 550 - The message of Christmas to goal seekers

The wise know which star to follow

There’s a lot of shiny objects competing for your attention, but wisdom will tell you which one to focus on and follow. Not every shiny object will lead to anything prosperous. As matter of fact most will just keep you distracted and wandering around in the dark.

In this podcast I share how there’s incredible news and opportunity right now in 2022 and going into 2023 if you are intentional and looking for it. This doesn’t mean ignoring problems but seeing the solutions past the problems to be able to help others and be helped yourself. 

Two shining examples of this were posted just recently on NBC’s business platform. These stories of two individuals just highlight how others just like  you and I are finding paychecks hidden behind greater purpose as they pursue it. 

This 29-year-old makes $22,000 a month from her art side hustle: ‘I work less than 2 hours a day on it’


I’m a school dropout making $10K a month with my side hustle — working only 20 hours a week

So the take away for me is this,  we might not lose all of the weight, make all of the money, or achieve every goal we have by  tomorrow. However WE WILL NEVER ACHIEVE ANYTHING if we don’t start and then persist once we are on our journey. Now is the time to gain market share, achieve more, and grow to even greater heights!

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