Make BIG IMPROVEMENTS with small changes

This one mindset shift changed everything for me!

No matter what your goals are you’ve probably heard it said and it is so true, the hardest part of getting started is just getting started! But why?

For me it’s always because I’m busy looking at the tremendous hill I’m going to have to climb in order to reach my goal. This can be overwhelming and really discouraging. The whole reason I hovered around 300 pounds for so many years is the same reason why people never try to start their own business. The ideal just seems too large and overwhelming to ever do. 

It wasn’t until I learned this simple mindset trick that I started losing weight. What’s ironic to me is this wasn’t anything that I hadn’t already used before. It was simply used in other areas of my life, like business, music, or ministry rather than using it in areas of my health. 

So why did I not use this mindset trick in my health? Because that was my weak spot. That was the area that I had tried and failed so often that I was not willing to risk disappointment any more. To protect myself from the feelings of discouragement, frustration, and self loathing I just started making excuses. Some of those excuses even were highly effective in training others around me how to treat me and what to expect from me. 

Excuses or “reasons” we give ourselves and others for the bad choices we make are extremely powerful. They condition the environment we live in to never ask of us for any change. Unfortunately for anything to grow, improve, or achieve change is a prerequisite.

So here I was, 300 pounds chronically overweight and through my own beliefs, attitudes, and activity conditioned that I would never be able to change the status quo. I started so many different “ways of losing weight” and nothing ever worked. Nothing worked until this one mindset shift that is the same mindset I’ve used in business and other areas for years to achieve in the face of all kinds of pushbacks, downturns, and failures. I simply got small.

The cliche’, Go big or go home was my motto! But that motto was killing me in my health. That motto sounds great and I’m all for max effort, but where you put your max effort is key. I knew in business I put max effort in finding ways to do “small changes” that would not expend all of my capital, time, and resources that would bring the “BIG CHANGE” I was looking for.

If you are looking for BIG CHANGES in any area let me encourage you to get small. Small things are manageable, achievable, observable, and easier to be accountable for. Sometimes in an effort to have that big goal now we try to eat the elephant in one meal only to walk away discouraged that what we want is and always will be too big, too out of reach, too expensive, too hard, too time consuming, too “fill in the blank.”

Practical small changes in different areas:


Start with a simple plan that doesn’t overwhelm you. Everyone is different. For me I simply went walking on a treadmill everyday for 1 hour. I wasn’t concerned about how long or fast I walked. I just walked using my apple watch to try and keep my heart rate in the blue zone. After months of seeing incredible results I started getting really motivated to do more. So then I upped my efforts with my workouts and even started adjusting my diet. But it wasn’t until I had already lost over 50lbs that I even started making changes that added more stress. 


I think it’s imperative for everyone to at least have a side hustle. The psychological benefits that comes with having a means to provide for yourself and not being beholden to anyone else is immeasurable. Even if you never go full time working for yourself. Knowing that you can make the money you need makes you a better negotiator for raises, easier to draw healthy boundaries, and more likely to move up quickly in your business. Face it, when you are confident in yourself, other people become confident in you too!
One of the things I’m most proud of is we have helped thousands of people find a type of business that fits their skillset, temperament, and passions over the past 14+ years. When it comes to getting small we can help you take the immense task of starting a business and breaking down to very easy, simple, and profitable steps. 
Bottom line if you wanted to have your own lucrative business you could start today for as little as $0 down. Have all the tools, training, and support you would need to have unlimited leads, and compensation models that paid you whether you sold anything or not, and earning $750 – $18,000 per sale when made. 
So please don’t ever think you can’t start earning on your terms today. It’s not too expensive, difficult, out of reach, or complicated. It’s right in reach for you to start today. You are worth more!

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