Anything great always starts with a dream, don’t give up on yours!

I’m no historian, nor do I pretend to understand all of the dynamics surrounding the struggle for racial justice during the 60’s when Dr. Martin Luther King JR so eloquently shared his dream. I am however a benefactor of the mans legacy and pursuit of a dream. I see how a people who once was unable to participate in many areas of our society are now able to rise to the highest elected office in our nation. While no one would claim that all of the issues within race relations have been resolved, no one would deny things are better because of the work and life of MLK. My question is how did his dream become and continue to become realized?

I believe anything great starts with a dream. Not just a wish upon a star, but a dream that burns deep within your soul to the point it permeates every facet of your life. Most people have conditioned themselves to never dream again as a coping mechanism for dealing with disappointment. After all if you want for nothing, you’ll never be disappointed for anything, right? The problem is there is a high cost for low living. The following is an excerpt¬†from my new book, You Are Worth More.

Once you have laid to rest all of the excuses and accepted the fact you are capable, equipped, and called to greatness, you will then discover that the universe makes way for you. Some will understand what I mean when I say all of creation is groaning for you to finally show up and show out. The time for backing up, stepping down, and shrinking back is over. You are a meaningful significant person created from and for greatness. You owe no one an apology, explanation, or excuse for your greatness. Most people, if allowed by you, will not permit you to believe and receive your greatness. That is why you need to know that you are neither made nor denied greatness based on the opinions and actions of others. No one can take from you what they did not give you. Your highest imperative is to manifest your full potential and this must be settled in you so that you can do any and all things that your inspiration draws you toward. If you are committed to your mandate for greatness, there is no force on earth that can stop you. Please understand though, that well intentioned people can be a distraction and an unintentional discouragement. You have to be diligent about guarding against negative influences.

We all live in a better world because a preacher from the south decided that nothing great would ever take place without the audacity to dream for more and the courage to share and pursue it. What are you doing with your dreams?

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